‘Reimagining India in 2030’ report released at IITMAA conclave
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‘Reimagining India in 2030’ report released at IITMAA conclave

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Chennai, Sep 14 : A report on ‘Reimagining India in 2030’ was released at the IIT Madras Alumni Association (IITMAA) Conclave 'Sangam-2019' here on Saturday.

The report, released to the media, prpposed 38 recommendations and eight Grand Challenges across five pillars in meeting 22 specific national objectives to envision a new India by 2030. ‘Sangam’ is the annual glagship Event of IITMAA representing about 50,000 alumni of IIT-Madras across the globe.

Addressing the conclave, IITMAA President Ms Shuba Kumar said “IIT Madras alumni will enable inclusive and insightful discussions, provide thought leadership, propose specific recommendations and identify Grand Challenges that could help transform our country!” IITMAA also released a ‘Mood of the Nation’ Survey, conducted among
women, students and IIT Madras Alumni, to capture the sentiment on the state of India in 2030 and role-models that inspire Indians.

The Survey found that the mood of all respondents about India by 2030 is “Highly Positive” with 74 per cent feeling that India’s financial and economic situation will be better. The survey had 2,295 respondents and 38 per cent were women, 37 per cent students and 19 per cent were IIT Madras Alumni. (UNI)