Illegal banner kills young working woman in Chennai
Tamil Nadu

Illegal banner kills young working woman in Chennai

S Murari

An illegal banner put up by an AIADMK functionary on the roadside killed a young working woman when it fell on her in Chennai on Thursday, prompting an angry High Court to slam the cutout culture.

Suba Sree(23), an engineering graduate, was returning from work to her home in Pallavaram on her scooter, when she lost her balance and fell on the road after a banner came down. A truck ran over her.

The accident happened at Chrompet flyover.  Subasree, only child of her parents, died on the spot. The Pallakarani police arrested a local AIADMK councillor who had put up the poster on the occasion of his son’s wedding.  Truck driver was also arrested.

Besides, the police sealed the press where it was printed. The police also hastily removed such illegal AIADMK flags and posters and banners in other parts of the city. Not satisfied with such cosmetic measures, a division bench of the Madras High Court of Justices M Sathyanarayanan and N Shesayee asked political parties: “How many litres of blood should be spilled on the road before you put an end to this cutout culture?”.

They also asked the Government:” Does your solatium can bring back the young working women?” They also lamented that cutout culture was continuing regardless which party, whether AIADMK or DMK, was in power in Tamil Nadu

The latest accident was mentioned by advocate Lakshmanarayan on Friday when the bench took up for hearing a contempt petition filed by ‘Traffic” Ramasamy over the repeated violation of court orders by the civic authorities.

The high court way back in December 2009 passed orders calling for a crackdown on illegal posters in Tamil Nadu. But the orders have been flouted with impunity.

Outraged judges summoned the Chennai police and the Corporation authorities to give an explanation. The judges asked why the Chief Minister was not asking his party men not to put up such illegal posters and banners which pose a traffic hazard.

In an immediate response, DMK president M K Stalin sternly told party men not to put up banners and cutouts on roadsides.