Laptops seized in NIA raid in Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu

Laptops seized in NIA raid in Coimbatore


Laptops were seized from the houses in Coimbatore where the National Investigation Agency (NIA) made searches on Thursday, a report said.

The NIA team from Kochi with counterparts in Coimbatore jointly conducted searches in five houses on two streets in Coimbatore on Thursday. The raids were on the basis of reports of connections that these people had with terrorist organisations. Sources said that a similar raid was conducted in one amongst these houses earlier in June.

In May, searches were conducted jointly and cases were registered against six persons said to have links with the terrorist outfit Islamic State. The raids then were soon after the Easter blasts in Sri Lanka.

In Kerala, on the basis of the intelligence report that six Lashkar-e-Toiba activists, including one from Pakistan, had entered Sri Lanka, a person and a woman with him were taken into custody and interrogated. However, the were let off as no evidence to prove their terrorist links were got.