Mild tremors in Omalur, MET office says not recorded
Tamil Nadu

Mild tremors in Omalur, MET office says not recorded

Agency News

Chennai, July 27: People of Omalur and nearby areas in Salem district of Tamil Nadu felt mild tremors past midnight, but weather office said no such incident has been recorded.

People in Kaadayampatti and surrounding villages said they felt the tremors for a few seconds. When contacted by media, an official of the Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) said there are no records of any tremor.

However, he said a mild earthquake, measuring 3.3 on the Richter Scale, was felt at around 0006 hrs in Arunachal Pradesh. 'It might have had is impact at Omalur. But it is not recorded', the official said.

'Even if it is very minor, it would have been recorded. But it has not been recorded', the official said, ruling it out as tremors. He said it would have been due to sinking of borewells, putting up pile foundation for high rise buildings and bursting of explosives in stone quarries. 'But, people think it as tremors', the official said.(UNI)