DMK protests against Bedi in Puducherry
Tamil Nadu

DMK protests against Bedi in Puducherry

S Murari

The DMK on Tuesday held a demonstration outside the Raj  Nivas in Puducherry against Lt Governor Kiren Bedi for her remark that not only the corrupt government and politicians, indifferent officials, even the people of Tamil Nadu were to blame for the water crisis in Chennai.

In the English tweet on Sunday she blamed only the government, politicians and the bureaucracy . She included the people of Tamil Nadu for attack in her Hindi tweet. She called them weak and cowardly, apparently because she felt they failed to hold the politicians accountable.

When her tweet echoed in the Assembly on Monday, the Leader of the Opposition and DMK president M K Stalin used her criticism of the government and the politicians to attack the AIADMK administration.

However, after finding that she had also criticised the people, he told reporters outside the Assembly that her comments were uncivilised and the President should recall her immediately.

He said it was an insult to the people of Tamil Nadu who donated liberally to Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund wherever calamity struck.

While the Edappadi Government through the Speaker barred any discussion on the conduct of Bedi, being Lt Governor of another State, its spokesperson B Valamarthi said she had demeaned her status.

Reacting to protests by the DMK and the AIADMK, Bedi on Monday dismissed them as attempts to divert attention from the real issues. She asked why were the people of Tamil Nadu not co-opted in dredging canals and other bodies as was done in Puducherry.

She also said when the canals in Puducherry canals were cleaned neighbouring also benefitted as she said in a reference Karaikkal enclave which nestles Nagapattinam district.

In a tweet she said the canals which were cleaned flowed to Tamil Nadu also.”We made in distinction because we care for each other”.

“ Being contiguous, TN and Puduchery share underground water, aquiefers and hence the serious concern”.