TN thanks Kerala, seeks two million litres of water daily
Tamil Nadu

TN thanks Kerala, seeks two million litres of water daily


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palanisami said on Friday that his Government had thanked Kerala’s one-time offer to supply two million litres of water to tide over the crisis in Chennai, but had requested it to keep up the supply for a while by raising the storage level of Mullaperiyar dam.

Addressing a press conference at the State Secretariat in Chennai, after an official review of the crisis, Palanisami  denied that Tamil Nadu had declined Kerala’s offer. Instead it had requested Kerala to supply two million litres a day for some time instead of just for a day. Thanking Kerala for the offer, he said the State could meet Tamil Nadu’s needs by increasing the storage level of Mullaperiyar reservoir

Listing the steps being taken to tackle the crisis, he said the Government had decided to bring 15 lakh litres of water from Jolarpet by train for the next six weeks. Besides,arrangements had been made to bring water through pipes from Veeranam lake to the city. To enable this, water from Mettur dam had been diverted to the lake to augment supply.

Palanisami said that reservoirs of Poondi, Chembarakkam, Red Hills and Sholavaram had gone bone dry because of monsoon failure. Because of deficient rain, groundwater had also gone down.

Tamil Nadu also failed to get its due of 12 t.m.c. ft of Krishna water from Andhra Pradesh, Palanisami said. The Andhra Government was supplying only two t.m.c. ft of water a day as the level in the Kandeluru storage point had gone down from the minimum t.m.c. ft needed to pump water.

The Chief Minister said the Metro water was getting 200 million litres a day from the two desalination plants in the city. It was also tapping into stone quarries in the city as well as field wells in adjoining districts.

He said Chennai Metro water was supplying 525 million litres of water a day to the city by tapping various sources including field wells and stone quarry reservoirs.

The Chief Minister said district administrations had also been instructed to ensure uninterrupted supply to villages.