Tamil Nadu declines Kerala’s offer of 20 lakh litres of water
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu declines Kerala’s offer of 20 lakh litres of water


Many parts of Tamil Nadu including capital Chennai have been suffering with acute shortage of water for the past few weeks. Neighbouring state Kerala, according to reports, had offered to help with 20 lakh litres of water but the offer was declined by CM EK Palaniswami of Tamil Nadu.

Kerala Chief Minister’s office had made the announcement on Thursday, June 20, that it was ready to send 20 lakh litres of water to Tamil Nadu. It had also expressed its willingness to send across drinking water by trains to Tamil Nadu to help it tide over the severe water crisis. However, the Kerala Chief Minister’s office was informed by the Tamil Nadu government that they do not require the assistance now.

Kerala had made this generous offer in view of reports that many water resources in Tamil Nadu have dried up and the agriculture sector was severely affected.

There has been no clarification from the Tamil Nadu government on why it has turned down the offer.

Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu are experiencing water shortage. Chennai in particular has suffered owing to the four lakes around it all drying up. The ground water table also has dried. Protests have been staged in different parts of the capital city demanding immediate action by the government.

Considering the water shortage in the state, Tamil Nadu declining Kerala’s offer came as a surprise.