Ravindranath has assets worth Rs 6 cr
Tamil Nadu

Ravindranath has assets worth Rs 6 cr

S Murari

P Ravindranath Kumar (39), who represents Tamil Nadu in the new Modi Government, is an MBA and has moveable assets worth Rs 4.16 crore in the form of gold and fixed deposits, and another Rs 2 crore as immovable assets like house, lands etc, according to the declaration he made in the nomination papers for the Theni Lok Sabha seat.

His taxable income for 2017-18 was Rs 41.40 lakh while the exempted income for the same period was Rs 81.19 lakh.His wife Anandi has gold and silver ornaments valued at Rs 24 lakh. She also has a 10 carat diamond worth Rs 5.80 lakh.His two sons and a daughter have bank deposits totaling Rs 19.44 lakh.