A vote for Modi’s charisma, says Rajini
Tamil Nadu

A vote for Modi’s charisma, says Rajini

S Murari

Tamil film super star Rajini Kanth on Monday described the landslide victory of the BJP in the recent Lok Sabha elections as a victory for the “charismatic leadership of Modi”.

In an informal chat with reporters outside his Poes Garden residence, Rajini indirectly rebutted the criticism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had converted it into a presidential type contest and said:” People have always voted for one charismatic leader be it Nehru, Indira, Rajiv Gandhi, A B Vajpayee or Modi now”.

He said the same was the case in Tamil Nadu and named tall leaders like Kamaraj, Anna, Karunanidhi, MGR and Jayalalitha.He said:” While the rest of India was swept by a pro-Modi wave, it was anti-Modi wave in Tamil Nadu. It was because of projects like methane, hydrocarbon and Sterlite as well as NEET.  It was also because of the whirlwind campaign by the opposition”.

Rajini also said the Congress’ debacle was because of non-cooperation of senior leaders with party president Rahul Gandhi. He said Rahul should not resign, as he plans to on moral grounds.