Kamal runs for cover after Hindu terror remark
Tamil Nadu

Kamal runs for cover after Hindu terror remark


Actor politician and Makkam Needhi Maiam leader Kamal Hasaan,who is in the eye of the storm over his recent remark that” independent India’s terrorist is a Hindu and his name is Nathuram  Godse”, is running for cover.

Hindu organisations have lodged police complaints and others have moved court for action. Kamal himself approached the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court for anticipatory bail only to be told by the judge that it is premature as there is no FIR has been registered against him.

A Delhi High Court has thrown out a PIL by a BJP lawyer saying Kamal ‘s statement was made in Tamil Nadu and so it is beyond its jurisdiction. It has asked the petitioner to move  Madras High Court for relief .

Kamal, in his defence, has sought refuge in Tamil by saying that he only described Godse as an extremist and not as a terrorist, missing the point that he linked terrorism to religion.

Making it worse, he has said he has only spoken the historic truth and cited Godse’s book, Why I killed Gandhi, and the justification given that it was because the Father of the Nation was responsible for partition. He has even cited the court judgment sentencing Godse to death. The court has only treated it as a pure murder, diabolical though and what is called in today’s legal parlance as one of the rarest of rare cases, and sentenced him to death.

As BJP spokesman V T Raghavan has said in a TV debate, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Tamils. By that logic, can you say Tamils are terorrists, he has asked Kamal.

The AIADMK mouthpiece Namadhu Amma has said Kamal chose to make the anti-Hindu remark during campaign Assembly by-election in Aravukurichi in a Muslim dominated area, implying that that the Sangh Parivar ,which vilifies Muslims as terrorists on the basis of acts of a few,  should explain saffron terror.

Some even say that in his Viswaroopam, Kamal has portrayed Muslims as terrorists, not the other way around. And now that he is seeking vote as a politician, he wants to appease Muslims.

A larger picture emerges from his films, they say. He has styled himself as a Periarist, a self-styled atheist and like all of his ilk, he has taken pot shots only on Hindus. His explanation is that he is born in a Hindu family and his close relatives are believers and so he won’t do or say anything that will hurt Hindi sentiments.

Critics cite his films like Dasavaratham, where Kamal depicts the feud between Vishanavites and Saivaities, Viswaroopam where the raises the question, if all Muslims are not terrorists, how come all terrorists are Muslims and Anbe Saivam where he preaches Advaita philosophy( God is in every man)  in the garb of preaching atheism.

It has also assumed political overtones with State BJP president Tamilisai Soundarajan asking the Congress how it can support Kamal when it has lost Rajiv Gandhi to terrorism.

The DMK has chosen to treat Kamal’s remark as a storm over a tea cup with its legal wing secretary R S Bharathi saying “we have done politics with Nehru and Indira and we won’t stoop to the level of reacting to Kamal”.