IT men seize Rs 10 lakh from Durai Murugan
Tamil Nadu

IT men seize Rs 10 lakh from Durai Murugan


Income tax officials, who raided the house of DMK treasurer Durai Murugan on Friday and Saturday, have said that they have recovered Rs 10 lakh unaccounted money. Durai Murugan has dismissed it as “ a small amount” any family will keep for an emergency.

Officials told reporters that they found in all Rs 19 lakh cash in the house.  Out of this, Rs 6 lakh was allowed as cash declared by Durai Murugan’s son and Vellore Lok Sabha seat candidate D M Kathir Anand while filing his nomination.

Of the remaining Rs 13 lakh, Rs 3 lakh was also allowed as belonging to family members.

The remaining Rs 10 lakh cash was treated as excess and it had been seized, the officials said.

Durai Murugan, however, said he and his family members were regular tax pay