Crime of passion: Man held for wife’s murder
Tamil Nadu

Crime of passion: Man held for wife’s murder


A local magistrate in Alandur in Chennai on Thursday remanded Balakrishnan, a film director arrested for the alleged murder of his wife Sandhya , a junior artiste, to judicial custody till Feb 19   in what is believed to be a crime of passion.

The city police who have identified 35-year-old Sandhya from Thoothukudi from tattoo mark in one of the hands recovered from a marshland in Pallikaranai in suburban Chennai. The head and the body are yet to be recovered. The police are scouring Adyar River and Perungudi duping yard.

Police hope to conclusively establish Sandhya’s identity through DNA tests. Balakrishnan is accused of having killed his wife over suspicion of her fidelity. He is believed to have told the police that he cut her into pieces and strew the body parts across in the city .

The city police had nothing to go by except the severed hand with tattoo of Siva and Parvathi . They alerted police had State wide search about missing person complaints and came to know that Sandhya’s mother had said in her complaint that she was tortured by her husband over the years.

Autopsy report from the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital on the severed limbs confirmed that a machete was used for the murder. The time of murder was recorded as 10 p.m. on Jan 20. The police found the body parts in  gunny bags found in dumping yards and closed in on Balakrishan after they found similar bags in his residence in the city.

Enquiries revealed that Sandhya returned from a visit to her parents in Thoothukudi only around Pongal time. Balakrishnan also returned from Thoothukudi only ten days ago, police said.

The couple has two children, a boy aged 11 and a girl of 17, and they have been left in the custody of Balakrishnan’s brother in the city.