Why not a farmers insurance corporation like LIC, asks Ranganathan
Tamil Nadu

Why not a farmers insurance corporation like LIC, asks Ranganathan


Mr S Ranganathan, a gentleman farmer from Mannargudi in the delta region of Tamil Nadu and general secretary of the Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association who has devoted his entire life to the Cauvery issue, has said the time has come to set up a public sector insurance corporation for farmers like the LIC as private sector companies are not doing well.

In a statement he has said the Prime Minister’s fasali Yojana is a good scheme, but the problem is in implementation by private companies.

Reacting to the interim budget, Ranganathan has hoped that such a corporation would be considered when full budget is presented in June.

He has also welcomed Rs 6000 a year cash support to small farmers holding land up to two hectares, saying they form the majority.

He has welcomed the proposal to waive upto three per cent on interest for farmers who repay their loans in time. He has, however, said that in times of national disaster like Gaja cyclone which ravaged the delta region, the entire interest should be waived and the loans rescheduled. Unlike politicians who call for loan waiver, he has called for only rescheduling of the debts.. repay..

In another novel suggestion. Ranganathan has said the Government should try and bring all delta regions along the east coast from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu under solar power which is abundant and it should be supplied to farmers free of cost. “These areas have warm sun shine seven months a year,, he has said.

Thanjavur Cauvery protection committee secretary Sundara Vimalanathan has said Rs 6000 crore cash support is a copy of the scheme implemented by Telengana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao. While farmers holding up to two acres are eligible for cash support in Telengana, it is restricted those with two hectares in the Union Budget scheme.

Sami Natarajan, district secretary of the Tamil Nadu Vivayasigal Sangam affiliated to the CPM has said there is no mention in the budget about the recommendation of the Swamjinathan Commission on minimum procurement support price for farm produce Merely saying that farmers income would double by 2022 without giving effect to the M S Swaminathan report will not hold water,he has said.

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