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No truck with BJP, says Stalin


The DMK president M K Stalin has categorically said his party will not have any truck with the BJP. In effect he has told Prime Minister  NarendraModi, "Thank you for the offer, but No Thanks"

He made his party’s stand clear on Friday following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement during interaction with BJP functionaries from Tamil Nadu that his party’s doors are open to friendly parties and old allies and that he will be accommodative towards them like late Prime Minister A B Vajpayee.

As DMK was part of the NDA II during the Premiership of Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004, Stalin said “Modi is not Vajpayee”.

He said the situation was different then and the DMK decided to support the Vajpayee Government after the AIADMK leader J Jayalalitha pulled down his Government in 1999 within one year of joining hands. Prior to that the UF Government collapsed in 1998. The DMK under Karunanidhi stepped in to prop up the Vajpayee Government in 1999 the interest of stability at the Centre, Stalin said.

He also said the DMK aligned with the BJP on the basis of common minimum programme under which it put on the back burner contentious issues like Ayodhya, common civil code and special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

He said the BJP Government under Modi was practicing hate and communal politics and it had in the last four and half years systematically undermined all democratic institutions like the RBI, the CBI, the ED and even the judiciary.

If Stalin’s assertions still fail to carry conviction, it is because DMK under Karunanidhi switched allies between the BJP and the Congress with ease.

Karunanidhi justified the alliance with the BJP on the ground that “Vajapayee was the right man in the wrong party” as his ideologue Murasoli Maran put it famously in the Lok Sabha.

The DMK did not quit not feel necessary to quit after Graham Stein’s murder or after Godhra and the consequent Gujarat pogrom. But then DMK was not alone even the JD(U) leader and present Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was Railway Minister did not quit though it was the burning of S8 coach at Godhra which triggered the mass killing.

After enjoying power with the NDA for five years,DMK quit on the eve of the 2004 Lok Sabha elections and aligned with Congress under Sonia Gandhi. For the next ten years, it enjoyed r at the Centre.

Stalin was not responsible for the sins of his father. He has already aligned with the Congress and projected its leader Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister candidate even as other parties are yet to take a call on it.

Even so, BJP is trying to split the DMK-Congress alliance by floating the possibility that it may go with Modi if he falls short of majority after the Lok Sabha polls. .

During Modi’s interaction with BJP functionaries from Tamil Nadu, it was a party man who asked whether the party was open to alliance with alliance with the DMK .

State president of the BJP Tamilisai Soundarajan has scoffed at Stalin’s assertion and asked whether he will consider backing the BJP minus Modi, a question which was unthinkable till the setback in the three State Assembly elections.