Rajinikanth: Setback for BJP
Tamil Nadu

Rajinikanth: Setback for BJP


Tamil Super Star, considered close to the Bharatiya Janata Party, Rajinikanth has described the results in the state assembly elections as “a setback for BJP”.

He has said that the BJP is losing support of the people. Comments of Rajinikanth are viewed with a lot of interest by political circles. For the BJP leadership has been trying to befriend the Tamil Super Star for some time now. Some in the saffron party is credited with the view that the BJP can politically gain if the super star is persuaded to have an alliance with the NDA.

Rajini has not responded to the overtures of the saffron party. Nor has he taken a clear stand on entering politics and bidding for power. At the same time he has given some hints that he is not averse to join politics and serve the people.