TN Villagers bats for bats with no crackers
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TN Villagers bats for bats with no crackers

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Puducherry, Nov 7: The Villagers of Kazhumperumpakkam in Villippuram district of Tamil Nadu near here are seriously concerned over the diminishing number of fruit-eating bats in their village and for the sake this nocturnal animals they took a decision--celebrating Diwali without crackers.

For five generations, the villagers are celebrating a noiseless Diwali for the sake of the bats which take rest in their village. Not only for Diwali,but also for any other special occasions,they will not burst crackers and will not allow poachers into their village.

According to the villagers, this year also they celebrated Diwali yesterday without crackers. These people consider bats like their own children. They cannot tolerate anything harm to this mammals.

"If a bat was found on the ground injured, we cannot leave it until it gets proper nursing and regain health for flying," a villager said.

In the vent of the death of a bat, the villagers will gather to observe two minutes silence and will bury the bat with all respects.

Despite taking all precautionary measures not to disturb the bats, the number of bats are diminishing year after year.

Previously, around five thousands bats were there and now it came down to a mere five hundred. The bats may be trapped by hunters and perhaps this may be the reason for the diminishing number, villagers said. (UNI)