Govt warns against home delivery as woman dies after child birth
Tamil Nadu

Govt warns against home delivery as woman dies after child birth


The Tamil Nadu Health Department has warned delivery of births at home without the assistance of trained doctors and nurses is an offence. This follows the death of a school teacher in Tirupur who died after her husband and a friend tried delivery at home, leading to excess bleeding. The police have arrested the husband and friend of the victim.

The incident happened in Tirupur on July 22. The Government has come out with the advisory after another report of delivery at home has come from Theni district which turned to be lucky for both mother and child.

Health Secretary K Radhakrishnan has said the Government officials have removed both the mother and child to government hospital for post-natal care.

The Tirupur incident concerned Krithika(28) died after her husband Karthikeyan and her friend Praveen tried to assist her to deliver her second child at home with the help of Youtube videos. Sadly, after giving birth the pregnant woman fell unconscious and later lost her life owing to excessive blood loss. This was Karthika’s second pregnancy. The couple have a five-year-old girl.

Police said they arrested Karthikeyan as the couple did not believe in modern medicine, did not visited the doctor even once during the pregnancy and opted for home delivery without proper knowledge. Karthikeyan was arrested on the basis of a complaint of Krithika’s father who had advised them against it.

Those who opt for home deliveries say that allopathy doctors go for Caeserian section unnecessarily without waiting for normal delivery. They also say they are prepared to go hospital for delivery provided the mother and child are allowed to take medicines prescribed under the alternative system of medicine like Ayurveda and Homeopathy during post-natal care.

The Health Department, however, says only institutional deliveries are safe for mother and baby and all deliveries are done in hospitals, 70 per cent of them in Government hospitals.

In a notification, the Directorate of Public Health has said only MBBS doctors, midwives and staff nurses registered with the Indian Nursing Council and auxiliary, midwives and village health nurses are qualified to do the deliveries.

“Conducting home deliveries watching YouTube or movies is an offence as it will pose a threat to the life of mother and child”, the notification has said. Director of Public Health, Dr K Kulandaswamy has said denying access to pregnant mothers by their husbands or family members is an offence. Preventing government doctors, nurses or other health officials from protecting the wellbeing of the mother is also an offence.

Dr Shanthi Gunasingh, a senior obstetric and gynaecologist and former director of Government Hospital for Women and Child in Egmore, Chennai has said even nomal delivery can turn into complications.”Various factors like the mother’s sugar level, B, body weight and other parameters have to be regularly checked. “Two-third of bleeding occurs in so-called low-risk women”. She has said institutional deliveries are time-tested. It is because of this that the maternal and infant mortality rates have been brought down significantly.