Turn Inward
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Turn Inward

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, when problems arise in life, many of us become weary and exhausted. In truth, there is great power and amazing abilities within each of us. Unfortunately most of us spend our lives failing to realise this truth and we thus fail to awake those abilities as well. We all have heard about people demonstrating incredible capabilities when facing very dangerous situations. So, those powers are there. Whenever we are ready to calm our mind and look inward with self-confidence, we will be able to find the power to face any situation and succeed.

Once, a very famous musician entered a concert hall, ready to perform in front of thousands of people. He picked up his violin and started to play. But some thing was not right. He looked at the violin carefully and was shocked to find out that it was not his violin. He quickly apologized, took leave of the audience, went to the dressing room and searched for his violin. He could not find it. He soon realised that one of his competitors had taken his violin and placed another in its place. For a moment he was overcome with fear. But the next moment, he gathered his courage and told himself with total confidence, “Music is not in the instrument. Today, I will prove that it is in my soul. May God bless me for that.” He then went back on stage, picked up the same violin and, humbly bowing, started to play. The entire audience was completely immersed in the magnificent flow of music that issued forth from his violin. It was one of his greatest performances.

This incident reveals that there is limitless power within us. In every individual, there is music that has yet to be awakened. There is infinite potential. Each of us can find and awaken that potential if we try.

Similarly, in all of us lies the power of self-control and love. Even those who feel they have no patience will be very patient when dealing with their higher officials. The most evil-minded criminal will have love for his own child. So, there is patience, love, courage and compassion within all of us. Currently they do not shine in all of us all the time. However, if we turn inward and strive to act with awareness, we will be able to awaken these and other good qualities more and more.

The world will put many challenges before us. It may even try to prevent us from succeeding. But if we learn to meditatively turn inward, we will find that we possess a power and peace that will allow us to always remain victorious.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi