‘Wonder diamond ring’ already in Guinness Records to be auctioned in Guj

‘Wonder diamond ring’ already in Guinness Records to be auctioned in Guj


The lotus theme diamond ring, registered in Guinness World records as the 'ring with most cut diamonds (6690)', will be put up for sale under auction in around a fortnight, said Vihal Agarwal of Hanumant Diamond on Sunday.

Vishal, who along with his wife Khusbhu Agarwal has designed and made the ring told UNI, "We will put it up for auction after taking in to consideration various aspects. After the Guinness record and wide-spread publicity we have received several calls both from within India and abroad showing interest in purchase of the ring. Now the ring has become a piece of art and it has no price. But as in a auction it would certainly be given to the highest bidder. We are likely to start the auction in a fortnight".

Vishal further said that the base price for the auction has not been finalized yet. Though, he said that initially the price of the over 58 gm ring in lotus design consisting of 36 individual petals embedded with diamond and also 18 caret rose gold and alloy has been estimated at $4 million (over Rs 27 crore).

Notably, the couple had started working on the ring almost a year ago. They got the idea to make something unique during their foreign visits. Vishal said his wife played a pivotal role in designing the ring on computer. He further said that he has borne all the expense in making the ring. (UNI)