Kerala Govt opposes Dileep’s demand for a CBI enquiry

Kerala Govt opposes Dileep’s demand for a CBI enquiry


Kerala government has opposed in the High Court on Thursday the demand of actor Dileep to send the actor abduction case to CBI. The government prosecutor has argued in the court that the motive behind Dileep's demand is a ploy to delay the trial in the actor assault case.

Demanding a CBI enquiry in the case, actor Dileep had submitted a plea in High Court earlier. The prosecutor informed the stand of the Kerala government that there is no need of a CBI enquiry in the actor abduction case. At the same time, the High Court has sought the opinion from the CBI about the scope of an enquiry in the case. Earlier, Dileep had given a letter to the Home Secretary demanding the CBI enquiry in the case. But eventually, the actor approached the High court, as he did not get a positive reply from the Home Secretary in this regard.

Dileep is the eighth accused in the case. Dileep also alleged in the plea that he was implicated in the case though he was innocent. Right now, the trial in the case is progressing in the Ernakulam District Sessions Court.