Chengannur bypoll: Cyberwar takes centre stage
Chengannur bypoll: Cyberwar takes centre stage

Chengannur bypoll: Cyberwar takes centre stage


Major political parties have decided to implement social media as a campaigning strategy to carry out their election agendas forward in Chengannur bypoll. As campaigning on online platforms has become a sureshot in gaining popularity, BJP, Congress and left parties have deployed cyber warriors to run subtle campaigns online.

The Chengannur Bypoll elections are less than a month away and this time political parties have decided to deploy all their workers for social media campaigning in the hope of ensuring them votes. Party workers are seen promoting their candidates through live stream videos and photos. Instead of engaging Public relation agencies who demand big bucks, the parties have resorted to a cost-effective campaign.

The campaign for UDF candidate D Vijayakumar of the Congress is being managed by the IT cell of the KPCC. A five-member team is in charge of the LDF candidate Saji Cheriyan’s online media campaigning. NDA candidate P S Sreedharan Pillai’s social media drive is led by a seven-member team.

Each of the parties has their own strategic campaigning method. The Congress, as the main opposition, highlights the false promises made by the Centre and the failure to bring about development in the state. Development initiatives and ideas are the main highlights in the LDF’s campaign. The party does not shy away from trolling their opposing parties and adds a competitive atmosphere to the elections through provocation. The NDA has taken to project the central government’s developmental schemes. The team aims to familiarise the voters with schemes of the Central Government, this being NDA’s social media push.

The campaign has been witnessing trolls and sarcasm as a way of promoting their own party schemes while humorously bringing down the other. The elections have been witnessing an increase in the number of fake ID’s made on social media platforms with cyber warriors taking the stance to defend their own political parties. Most of these ID’s have used sarcasm and humour to bring out issues into the light and has taken a very diplomatic stance which makes it hard for readers to know if they are in support of the party or not.

“Real sarcasm is better than a simple endorsement of politicians and parties,” said Nujum J N, a Facebook user. “At least, it will make people think of an issue, analyse its pros and cons. But we will have to prevent the spreading of fake news. Some popular ID’s can be created by popular persons themselves. Sometimes, these IDs will be created by ardent party workers. We don’t know who is behind these IDs,” he said. UNI