Sub collector Divya S Iyer in a land soup
Sub collector Divya S Iyer in a land soup

Sub collector Divya S Iyer in a land soup


Thiruvananthapuram Sub Collector Divya S Iyer, who is also the wife of Congress MLA Sabarinathan, has caught up in a land row. Her decision as a Sub Collector to transfer a 27-cent of government land to a private individual has paved the way for the controversy. It is alleged that the private individual occupied the government land under the illegal possession.

"My action was according to the Lands Utilization Law. Those who have any complaint can approach the Land Revenue Commission. ", Defending her decision, Divya S Iyer, who is also a practicing doctor, said on Monday in an interview.

The decision of the collector is now stayed by a court on a plea by V. Jay MLA. In its order, Court has decided to leave the issue to the Land Revenue Commissioner's office. It is said that the land costs around Rs.1 crore. The controversial land lies at Varkala-Parippilly Road of State Highway. Earlier, the Varkala Tehsildar, took over the land on July 19 after found that the government land was illegally occupied by the private person. Afterward, a common decision emerged to construct Ayiroor Police station on the land.

But the private person who occupied the land for many years approached the High Court and the High Court had left the decision to the Thiruvananthapuram Sub Collector. After hearing the complainant, Divya S Iyer, Thiruvananthapuram Sub Collector, decided to leave the land to the person who occupied it.With the interference of MLA Sabarinathan, the controversy has become hotter. Taking to Facebook, Sabarinathan noted that V.Joy MLA's move against the Sub-collector's decision is mysterious.