MP’s wife’s book creates hue and cry in Kerala politics
MP’s wife’s book creates hue and cry in Kerala politics

MP’s wife’s book creates hue and cry in Kerala politics


Nisha Jose, the wife of Kottayam MP Jose K Mani and the daughter-in-law of Kerala Congress leader KM Mani, is in news for her controversial memoir, ‘The Other Side of Life’, which was published recently. The autobiographical sketch, 'The other side of life', is particularly in the limelight over the revelation that she was harassed by the son of a well-known politician from Kerala.

Though she did not reveal the identity of the harasser, a political leader who is well known for his unrestrained talk, PC George MLA, came out heavily against the Nisha’s harassment story. Through his statement entire Kerala guessed that the harasser of the story was none other than PC George’s son, Shone George, who married the daughter of famous Malayalam film star Jagathy Sreekumar. Soon, Shone George also filed a police complaint against Nisha saying that the allegations appeared to point at him. “"Even if she hasn't named, everyone seems to be pointing fingers at me. I want the police to investigate and bring the truth out", says Shone George. Shone's wife, Parvathy also in a Facebook post attacked Nisha by saying that if a book had to be marketed the target should have been Shah Rukh Khan or Tom Cruise, not her husband.

In her book, Nisha gave an account of her ‘nightmare’ day in detail. The unforgettable ordeal in Nisha's life took place during a train journey. While she travelled from Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram, the politician's son approached Nisha. The man continued ‘unsolicited talk’ even after got into the train. She writes that the harasser touched her feet accidentally three to four times while shifting in his seat.

In the book, She noted: "every time I was uncomfortable and felt violated". She also brought out the depth of her disgrace like this: "Some may think I am overreacting to an accidental touch on my feet. Let me assure you if it was accidental, any decent man would apologise and move away. This was done three to four times, while intentionally sitting with a co-passenger of the opposite sex, late at night, that too when he had his own seat". By defending that her judgement was not an error, she explained further, "I was the one who went through the ordeal, and I was the one who felt violated. And I can sense the difference between a good touch and a bad touch". At another part of the book, she wrote: "He crossed the Lakshman Rekha, his hands brushed my toes accidentally".

When she lost her limit, Nisha complained to the Train Ticket Examiner. She wrote: “I discreetly went to the TTR and expressed my plight, requesting him to help me out by getting this 'gentleman' to leave my seat". But the Ticket Examiner did not ready to intervene in the matter as he knew the identity of the people. Nisha also explained in her book why the Ticket Examiner did not interfere with the matter: "If this gentleman is anything like his father I dare not intervene. You are both friends politically also. Later it will fall on my head", Ticket Examiner said.

Finally, Nisha herself dealt the harasser with a firm tit-for-tat and she informed about the incident to her husband Jose K Mani MP once reached home.

memoir has many controversial political topics too. One is the bar bribery case, in which her father-in-law, KM Mani, who was the revenue minister then, was forced to quit the position after a court verdict. The other major issue is the solar scam which rocked Kerala politics for many months. She explained how the solar scam had created cracks in her family. As part of the Solar scam, Saritha Nair, one of the accused of the solar scam case, had alleged that Jose K Mani, Nisha’s husband, had sexually harassed her. At that time, Nisha stood strongly behind her husband and argued that her husband was victimized.

Nisha ’s book was released by a member of the erstwhile Travancore Royal family, Aswathi Thirunal Gowri Lakshmi Bai. In the book launch ceremony her husband, Jose K Mani, and her father-in-law, Kerala Congress leader, and former Revenue Minister of Kerala, KM Mani also participated.