Jai Ram Thakur presents HP budget
Jai Ram Thakur presents HP budget

Jai Ram Thakur presents HP budget


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur today presented his first annual outlay of Rs 41,440 Cr for Financial Year 2018-19 for the state which is revenue deficient and propose the more levy on sale of liquor and focused mainly on doubling income of farmer by 2022.

The Chief Minister, who also holds the finance portfolio, launched 28 schemes with emphasis on education, women empowerment, job creation and tourism.

Thakur who also hold the portfolio of Finance presented annual state budget proposing Rs 41,440 Cr total Budget including Rs 11,263 Cr estimated expenditure on the Salaries, Rs 5,893 Cr on the Pensions, Rs 4,260 Cr on payment of interest, Rs 3,184 Cr on loan repayment and Rs 448 on other loans and Rs 2,741 Cr on Maintenance.

In 2018-19 revenue deficit would be 2.09 per cent, while fiscal deficit would be 5.16 percent of state Gross Domestic Product. The total Revenue receipt state is about Rs 30,400 Cr and the Revenue Expenditure of about Rs 33,568 Cr therefore creating gap of Rs 3,168 Cr as a revenue deficit. Budget expects receipt of Rs of Rs 6540 Cr in Capital account, Rs 1,225 in the public account including provident Funds.

Capital Expenditure includes repayment of Loan Rs 7,872 Cr and fiscal deficit for 2018-19 is likely to be Rs 7,821 crore. He said this in his maiden over two and a half hour long budget speech in Hindi. Out of every 100 rupees state would spend 27.18 rupees on payment of salaries, 14.22 rupees on pensions, 10.28 rupees on interest payments, 8.76 rupees on loan repayment and remaining 39.56 rupees on development works.

Out of every 100 rupees, state would collect 27.13 rupees from tax revenues, 6.52 rupees from non tax revenues, 21.01 rupees from share of central taxes and 45.34 rupees from central grants.

Against expenditure of every 100 rupees state have 73.36 rupees as the total receipts including transfer from central government excluding loans. The gap of 26.64 rupees would be met by borrowing.

He launched a book donation scheme for the government schools. “The students spend a lot of money on purchase of new text books. At the same time the students once pass a class throw the books and buy the new books for the next year. Now I propose that in all government schools the next day immediately after the completion of the exams will be held as a Book Donation Day,” he said.

That day students of higher class will hand over books to lower class, helping the students to reduce their cost of purchase of books. Reducing the load of school bags, Thakur said the government would declare one day every month as gag-free day in every school and that is fully devoted for co-curricular activities.

He said that besides continuing free two uniforms in a year under Atal Bardi Yojna, it would provide free school bag under this scheme to students of class 3rd, 6th and nine class.

To redress grievances at doorsteps, the Chief Minister announced that all ministers would regularly organise Jan Manch or public forums in remote areas of every district to solve the problems of the people.

He announced to levy a cess of Re 1 per bottle of liquor to meet out the operational expenditure of an ambulance service. This will fetch around Rs 8 crore per annum. The hill state, which is also facing impacts of climate change, a Climate Change Adaption Demonstration Project in two districts under the Climate Change Adaptation programme would be launched.

The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment will be carried out, covering 7,000 villages in 1,200 panchayats in the Beas river basin in Kullu, Mandi, Hamirpur and Kangra districts.