Media comes under severe attack from CPI(M) leaders
Media comes under severe attack from CPI(M) leaders

Media comes under severe attack from CPI(M) leaders


The media came under severe attack from CPI(M) leaders at a public rally on the concluding day of the four- day state party conference which concluded in Thrissur.

Party General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri's ire was on media which had extensively reported about his remarks at the delegate session on how to go ahead with the Congress to defeat the BJP.

Reports in various newspapers appeared said that Yechuri had snubbed the party delegates, naming two of them, that they should read the party's draft resolution, instead of searching in google. The two delegates reported to have questioned Yechuri on his pro-Congress approach on the electoral understanding the party to make with Congress.

In an indirect attack on the media, Yechuri said, they are misrepresenting the facts of deliberations which could help a division ."I totally disagree with the media reports.

Media has a democratic right to report and analyse the facts. At the same time, they should not misrepresent the truth. Certain media is trying to tarnish the party without getting proper brief", Yechuri added..

After Yechuri,, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also questioned the wisdom of the media in reporting certain things which were not at all true. " Who gave them the wrong report is a question. It was a deliberate move on the part of some media to create a division among the party leaders, he said..