Shuhaib’s murder unites Congress, tarnishes CPM
Shuhaib’s murder unites Congress, tarnishes CPM

Shuhaib’s murder unites Congress, tarnishes CPM

Hari S Kartha

The cold blooded murder of Congress activist Shuhaib in Kannur has done political damage to CPM and the LDF government headed by the Party. On the other hand, the political murder allegedly executed by CPM had helped close the ranks in the Congress.

The allegation that the murder was planned and executed to divert focus from the cheating case against CPM state secretary Kodiyeri's son may not hold water. But the fact is that the murder brought more damage to the Party that the havoc played by the controversy over Kodiyeri's son. The Kannur incident has supplied much fuel to Congress which had been for the past several months disillusioned and divided.

It is high time that CPM leadership has an introspection. The question before he Party is whether to go ahead with political violence or bid goodbye to it realising the political cost being paid. When it comes to the question of campaign against murder politics, it is lately CPM at the defensive with all other political parties in the state on the offensive. So far it was BJP and RSS which have been carrying out a relentless aggressive campaign against CPM violence which they term as 'red terror'. Of late the Congress and its allies in the opposition UDF have also started being eloquent about red terror. Already all the top leaders of Congress are camping in Kannur to politically fight out CPM's politics of violence. Kannur Congress leader K.Sudhakaran’s fast demanding arrest of the real culprits behind Shuhaib's murder entered the second day on Tuesday drawing political attention from all over the state. Media has also been focusing on the Congress worker's killing and its aftermath for the past few days embarrassing CPM and the state government. Significantly all these happen on the eve of the state session of CPM which is set to commence in Thrissur within a few days.

Ever since Shuhaib's murder, K.Sudhakaran who had been sidelined in Congress has staged a triumphant come back to centre stage. Forgetting personal feud and group rivalry, Congress leaders of all hues are making a beeline to the Kannur satyagraha pandal declaring solidarity with Sudhakaran who has been the prime enemy of CPM in the district. Shuhaib who was killed had been a close associate of Sudhakaran.

That Shuhaib was an active worker of Sunni Yuvajana Sangam (SYS) besides being a Congress worker has added yet another dimension to the murder. Sunnis led by Kanthapuram Aboobaker have been helping CPM at the hustings. Shuhaib's murder has obviously provoked the Sunnis and their leader Kanthapuram which is bound to reflect in the elections to come. In other words, CPM is losing a minority vote bank. Needless to state that CPM's loss could be a gain for Congress.

In another related development, RMP, the break-away group of CPM dissidents has also stepped up their campaign against political violence which they allege is state sponsored as CPM is in power. RMP leader K.K.Rema, widow of dissident CPM leader of Onchiyam T.P.Chandrasekharan who was brutally hacked to death allegedly by Marxists a few years ago is launching a satyagraha on Wednesday in front of AKG Bhavan in Delhi, the national headquarters of CPM, protesting against political violence against RMP workers. Congress is also planning a protest in Delhi. It was BJP which pioneered protest demonstration in front of CPM's central office.

The killing of the Congress activist without any provocation is yet another blot on Pinarayi regime. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had earlier held several peace talks and all party meetings to ensure peace in Kannur. The continuity of murder politics by his party tends to suggest that either the Chief Minister is not sincere in his attempts for peace or that his writ does not run among his comrades in Kannur.