Make exams simpler, says Yogi
Make exams simpler, says Yogi

Make exams simpler, says Yogi


The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, has asked the examination authorities to make the board examination question papers easier in the wake of over 10 lakh students skipping test till day 4. Speaking at the launch of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Exam Warrior’, he said that the board examinations have created a fear among the students and he further emphasised on the need for easier exams.

This statement comes after more than 10 lakh board students skipped their examinations after the UP government cracked a whip against the education mafia that aided in the use of unfair means.

Yogi Adityanath said when he talked about conducting cheating-free exam, 10 lakhs students dropped out. He added that this is the figure until now and further said, 'I don’t know what will happen in future.' Talking about the fear of exams among the students, Yogi Adityanath said that they are observing the fear of exams that is being created among the students and will not leave it at this. At this point it was important to think on how exams could be further simplified.

The Chief Minister then went on to talk about how students should face board exams as a part of the daily routine and not as a challenge. While giving an example for the same, the Yogi talked about the Kanwar yatra from Ghaziabad- Haridwar in which, he claimed, over 4 crore people took part last year.

He added that when he took stock of the situation, he was told that several instructions had been given to avoid any untoward incident. The use of mikes, conches and bells as told by the officials had been stopped. When the Yogi questioned about the reason behind imposing a ban on the yatra, he was told that its route was passing through sensitive areas and it was difficult to man them.

'I said permit people to use the mike, conches and bells as per the Supreme Court guidelines. Inspire people so that they themselves welcome the yatra and be part of it, the Yogi said, adding that there were no disturbances during the procession.

While connecting this example with the examination situation, he said that parents and teachers should not impose any kind of barriers on students and provide them with a conducive climate.