Jallikattu: Two more die; death toll continues to rise
Jallikattu: Two more die; death toll continues to rise

Jallikattu: Two more die; death toll continues to rise


With two more death have been reported from Sivanganga District on Tuesday, the total number of death in Jallikattu event has risen to three. Around 50 people were injured by bulls in the Manjuvirattu event at Siravayal in Sivaganga. The deceased have been identified as Ramanathan (45), Kalanivasal near Karaikudi and Kasi from Pudukottai.

Ferocious Bulls charged the two youngsters, who were watching the Jallikattu, and killed them by piercing the horns over their body. Police version of the incident said that some unidentified people has intentionally unleashed the bulls outside the arena was the reason for the untoward incident. The bulls that were unleashed outside the arena attacked Ramanathan and Kasi, two spectators just came to watch the event, to death. Police said people responsible for unleashing the bulls would be identified and brought under law.

The event which is called Manjuvirattu, in Sivaganga is little different from the traditional Jallikattu. While in Jallikattu only one bull is freed at a time, in Majuvirattu several bulls are freed to attack the tamers.

Manjuvirattu in Siravayal village is an event which is around four centuries old. People from all parts of Tamil Nadu used to flock together to watch the show. After the ban on the bull-taming sports were lifted last year, the event is held under strictly controlled conditions. Now, bulls are released through the vadivasal (a narrow passage) into the arena one after another. But the present accident is due to either some technical error or intentional act.

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