CPI hits out at Gita Gopinath’s advises on austerity
CPI hits out at Gita Gopinath’s advises on austerity

CPI hits out at Gita Gopinath’s advises on austerity


Communist Party of India (CPI), one of the key allies of Left Government in Kerala, openly criticised some views of Gita Gopinath, a professor at the economics department of Harvard University and the financial advisor to the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan.

Janayugam Daily, the official newspaper of CPI, has expressed its difference on Gita Gopinath in an editorial published on Tuesday. The major plank of differences is about the strict austerity measures suggested by Gita Gopinath. The editorial published in Janayugam cautioned that the austerity measures suggested by Gita Gopinath can be accepted only with a pinch of salt.

If the advice given during an informal talk of CM's economic advisor Gita Gopinath with some media outlets could influence the economic policies of the Kerala government, it is worrisome," said Janayugam.

The major differences of CPI were on some views of Gita Gopinath on govt. employee salary, govt employee pension, subsidies and public sector companies of Kerala. Gita Gopinath had hinted some strict austerity measures on these areas to save Kerala from an impending financial crisis. It is alleged that she also mentioned that the govt. employees' salary, pension and other benefits as a big 'roadblock' of the government.

But at the same time, CPI admitted many other views of Gita related with infusing private capital in some other areas. The Janayugam, the party newsdaily, in its editorial says that the LDF government should approach Gita Gopinath's advises with caution. While adopting austerity measures is a good idea, but we should ensure that it should not be the exact copycat of Greece and Spain.

Austerity measures are the hall marks of Western Capitalist countries. But it is implemented at the cost of the welfare of workers, farmers and the unemployed youth.- CPI mouthpiece, Janayugam, said.