Modi sense BJP wave in Meghalaya
Modi sense BJP wave in Meghalaya

Modi sense BJP wave in Meghalaya


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he could sense the wave for change, which began with BJP’s win the Assam elections last year is now reaching

Launching the BJP’s election campaign christened, “Rally for Change” in Polo Grounds here in Meghalaya, Modi accused the ruling Congress-led Meghalaya United Alliance government for not serving the interest of the people but belongs only to the “mining mafia.”

"In the last 15 years, the Congress government which is ruling Meghalaya has achieved only in creating scam after scam," he said. Modi said the state had huge mineral resources like coal, lime stone and granite but lacked good governance.

“Lack of good governance in the state has been a major impediment in industrialisation as well as in tourism development despite its potential. The resources here give more edge to Meghalaya than any other state,” Modi said. He said the State would have been the leader among developed states if the focus of the State Government was good governance.