CPI remains Unrelenting
CPI remains Unrelenting

CPI remains Unrelenting

Hari S Kartha

CPI state leadership is in no mood to relent, though advised by the party's national general secretary to sort out with CPM differences following the cabinet boycott.

CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran on Sunday reacted strongly to his CPM counterpart Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on the cabinet boycott issue. Kanam who was away in Gulf returned to the state capital when he came out with a rejoinder to CPM. The CPI state secretary told the media in his reaction to CPM leadership's charge that CPI violated norms of coalition by the boycott by ministers, Kanam said those norms had to be discussed among coalition partners and redefined. On the CPM view that CPI would draw a blank if it decided to go it alone, Kanam opined that remained to be seen. He also stated he did not what happened to his party comrade E.K.Ismail who did not approve Wednesday's boycott, Kanam reiterated it had been decided by CPI to abstain from the cabinet meeting on Wednesday. He argued it was not a boycott of the cabinet by CPI ministers. They had only kept off the cabinet meeting, of course as directed by the party.

Meanwhile Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who was approached by the media for comment said he did not wish to join issue with Kanam. There is not much difference of opinion between CPM and CPI, he stated.