Shakib seeks clarity on ICC's safety guidelines

Shakib seeks clarity on ICC's safety guidelines

Dhaka, May 24 : Bangladesh star batsman and all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan feels International Cricket Council (ICC) should come up with more clarity regarding the safety guidelines released by the governing body on Friday. "I don't think they [ICC] will take a chance before they are very sure. Whatever it is, life comes first. I am sure they will think of safety first," Shakib said.

The ICC measures included the appointment of a chief medical officer 14-day pre-match isolation training camp and the usage of gloves by the umpires before handling the ball.

"Now we are hearing that it [Covid-19 virus] might spread around 12 feet, not just three or six. So does it mean the two batsmen can't meet at the end of the over?" Shakib told newspaper Prothom Alo. "They will stand at their ends? Won't there be any crowd in the stadium? Will the wicket keeper stand afar? What would happen to close-in fielders? These things require discussions." Shakib Al Hasan is currently serving his suspension for non-reporting the match-fixing approach. "Although there's no cricket going on anywhere, I know that if it starts tomorrow, I won't be able to play cricket," the all-rounder added. (UNI)

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