Bumrah cornered by Yuvaraj with tough questions

Bumrah cornered by Yuvaraj with tough questions

Agency News

Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh cornered Bumrah with his rapid fire questions during their chat on Instagram on Monday.

The question which Bumrah could not come with a knee-jerk reaction was one about Kohli or Tendulkar. “Who do you think is the best batsman? Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar,” Yuvraj Singh asked.

As Bumrah refused to give a clear answer to question, Yuvraj brought back the same question at the end of the ‘rapid fire’ round. This time a serious Bumrah gave a long explanation: “Yuvi pa, look it’s been only 4 years I have been playing international cricket. I am giving you a long answer. I am not experienced enough to judge them. Virat Tendulkar or Sachin Kohli. I am in no position because they have played a lot more cricket than me”.

Hearing Bumrah’s baffling explanation, Yuvaraj quipped: “I am not asking for your autobiography here. You were told the rules of the round clearly. You needed to answer each question in less than 5 seconds. I want a clear answer. Between them, who is your favourite.”

“This is like asking me to choose between you and Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni). Everybody is the same for me. I have equal respect for all of you” Bumrah cracked a big joke and lightened the moment. Evading the answer, more practical Bumrah added: “Moving forward, next question.”

When Yuvraj brought back the question and pushed him, Bumrah finally said: “Paaji (Tendulkar) has lots of fans across the world. Let me pick paaji.”

The next question also was trickier one.

“Yuvraj Singh or MS Dhoni. Who is your favourite middle-order batsmen?”

“Yuvi pa, I have grown up seeing you and Mahi bhai (Dhoni) winning matches together for India. Why are you asking me such questions?” Bumrah said.

“See, all the players who have mentioned here are my favourites. I can’t choose between them. Growing up, I was a fan of both of you.

“Do you remember the Cuttack ODI where you registered your highest one-day score? The entire dressing room was elated that day because, for me, I grew up feeling happy whenever you both stitched a partnership together. It’s a genuine answer I can’t pick one,” Bumrah said.

All other questions were rather easier for Bumrah to come with answers:

“Virat Kohli or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will be your fitness idol?” Yuvraj Singh asked.

“Zlatan. Not my fitness idol but he is my idol in general,” Bumrah answered.

Yuvraj Singh moved on to the next one, asking Bumrah who among Mohammed Shami and Axar Patel speaks better English.

“It’s a very tough fight. But I would say, maybe Axar is slightly better,” Bumrah said.

“Who do you think is a better off-spinner? R Ashwin or Harbhajan Singh,” Yuvraj asked.

“Why so many controversial questions for me? I have played with Ash (Ashwin). But I have grown up seeing Harbhajan Singh. So Bhajju pa, it is,” Bumrah said.