Absence of football is causing anxiety: Neymar

Absence of football is causing anxiety: Neymar

Agency News

Paris St Germain and Brazil forward Neymar said that absence of football due to the COVID-19 pandemic was weighing on him.

The 28-year-old is making himself ready for an eventual return at his home under the supervision of Ricardo Rosa, his physical trainer.

"Not knowing when we will play again is causing anxiety. I miss playing, competing, the atmosphere of the club and my PSG team mates. It's a real longing for football!" he said on his website.

"I'm sure that the fans want to see everyone back on the pitch, the earlier the better. I hope the decision is made as quickly as possible," added Neymar, who had scored 18 goals in 22 appearances for PSG before the season was halted in March.

Rosa said that his main job was not to add to the pressure which Neymar is already under.

"You need to understand the environment that this player lives in," he said. "I try to relieve this by controlling the training load and nutrition. Everything is done so his performance improves and evolves all the time."

"I try to do vary the methods, volume and intensity of work, dividing them between general exercises and specific training with the ball."