Chinese professional football clubs cut players' salaries

Chinese professional football clubs cut players' salaries

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Beijing, Apr 9: Chinese professional clubs have reached a consensus to cut players' salaries temporarily in a video conference as the COVID-19 outbreak has hit the market hard, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) said on Thursday. "The unified pay cut should be implemented in a reasonable proportion, under the sufficient discussion between respective clubs and players. The representatives from all levels of professional clubs agreed with that in the conference," noted the Chinese football governing body. "Player's wages will be cut from March 1 until the start of 2020 season," added the statement, claiming that the detailed plan will be published by a working team with club, player and coach representatives as well as legal experts. "Clubs and their investors now face operational difficulties, and they have voiced the need for moderate burden reduction and reasonable salary cut, while FIFA has issued a specific guidance on dealing with player contracts and transfers under the influence of the pandemic, which are the reasons for the CFA to held the meeting," said statement.

The CFA also said that the pay-cut action is supported by FIFA as their deputy secretary general Matthias Grafstrom wrote to the member association in China, saying that FIFA encourages the moves taken by the CFA to help clubs and players. The Chinese Super League, which has some of the best-paid players and coaches around the world, was originally set to begin the 2020 season on February 22. The schedule to re-start the postponed season has not been decided yet, despite the drastic improvement in the virus control in China. (UNI-XINHUA)