Eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle: AB de Villiers

Eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle: AB de Villiers

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Kolkata, Mar 18 : Eat healthily and have a healthy lifestyle, vouched legendary Proteas cricketer AB de Villiers. After being roped in for Virat Kohli's brand Wrogn as an endorser, legendary AB de Villiers responded an email interview.

Q. You've been roped in for Virat Kohli's brand. How would you describe your association?

AB: Wrogn is a breakaway youth casual wear brand for men and, since they've been associated with Royal Challengers Bangalore, I've had the opportunity to shoot for the brand and sample the clothing. I think clothing and brand values are excellent. When I heard they were getting into activewear and wanted me to endorse it, I was excited. Virat and I have got along well for many years, on and off the field, and it’s great to be working with him at Wrogn

Q) How do AB manage to stay so fit?

AB: Discipline is the AB key to stay fit. Eating right and regular exercise are extremely important. It becomes a habit. Eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle, and it’s not difficult at all.

Q. What effect does dressing you think to have on one’s personality and what will be your advice to the current generation?

AB: Dressing up is a very personal thing. I think it is important to dress in a way that makes one feel comfortable and confident. Once you’ve got this covered, your clothes can complement your personality in a good way. Being comfortable is the most important thing. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show. So always pick styles that fit right, not too tight, not too loose. Then you can start mixing and matching to let your personality shine through.

Q. Do you feel that Wrogn Active is somehow different from the other brands?

AB: Wrogn is different and I have been really interested and excited to see the early designs. I love them. The activewear line looks very cool, and quality is exceptional. The garments are comfortable, the fabric used is great and the styles are fashionable and not loud. That's really important to me. And that unique Wrogn quirk, that different way of looking at the world, sums up the whole brand personality. It is this approach, combined with a great sense of fashion and fitness, is what sets the brand apart.

Q. Will you return to the national team and do you think you can still make it to the WT20 squad?

AB: Let’s wait and see what happens. My focus is on the IPL at the moment and helping RCB realise our full potential. Then we will sit down and have a look at the rest of the year and see what is possible.

Q. AB, why you decided to stay away from international cricket?

AB: Each player must consider his own circumstances and make his own decision. I reached a point where I wanted to see more of my wife and two young sons and seek a reasonable balance between family and cricket. The mental and physical demands on the leading players are massive these days, but each player must decide what he can and can’t do. (UNI)