Jwala Ghatta launches badminton academy

Jwala Ghatta launches badminton academy

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Ace doubles player Jwala Gutta has launched her badminton academy in Hyderabad. The Jwala Gutta Academy of Excellence, which is built on a 55 acre land, comprises 14 courts and a seating capacity of over 600 people. It is located in the outskirts of Hyderabad in Sujatha High School, Gachibowli.

The 55-acre academy is expected to be a world class facility with infrastructure for multiple sports. Gutta says that she will seek the help of foreign coaches initially.

"I'll need at least 10 coaches. I have hardly been able to find any good Indian coaches. Arif sir is the head of the coaching setup there and we are still interviewing candidates. And I'll make sure the coaches are paid well and well taken care of. That's my goal," she said.

She hopes that her academy eventually becomes a place where young Indian coaches can find their footing and are groomed under Arif.

Jwala Gutta has insisted that India needs to build an environment in which there are multiple indigenous badminton coaches. The 36-year-old Arjuna Awardee believes that the lack of Indian coaches is one of the several factors that are contributing to a flawed system for the sport in the country, particularly in the field of doubles badminton.

"I feel it is time that we create a programme in which we make our Indian coaches as capable (as foreign coaches), which we are not doing at all," she said on Tuesday. Citing the example of her own coach -- SM Arif, Gutta said that there are many coaches whose important contribution towards churning out the talented players that have come out over the past two decades in Indian badminton, has gone under the radar. Gutta was speaking to reporters in Hyderabad at the launch of her Academy of Excellence, which is set to begin operations in the next two months.