NBA launches Hoop Nation episode 2

NBA launches Hoop Nation episode 2

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New Delhi, Nov 28 (UNI) NBA launched Hoop Nation episode 2 on Thursday where it captures four stories across India where basketball is more than just a game.

The episode was released on Thursday following the journey of the girls of Gangyap striving to become 11-time National champions through the inspiring words of talented rap musicians, Symphonic Movement.

The stories are narrated by four artists Dee MC, Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire and Symphonic Movement across Chennai, Ludhiana, Dharamshala and Gangyap in which each artist tells a story through the track intercut with interviews of people and communities featured in it.

The first episode was premiered on November 18, where Dee MC narrated the story of wheelchair basketball players of Chennai.

The third episode comes out on December 2 and Spitfire will take viewers through the world of exiled Tibetan children, to whom playing the game is a means of both meditation and brotherhood.

The finale will be available on December 9 featuring the Ludhiana Basketball Academy and performed by Kaam Bhaari.

This series has been produced by CM Studios, the content production arm of Rainshine Entertainment focused on creating long form content and audio podcasts.

Hoop Nation will be available to fans on the NBA and Uber’s respective digital media platforms and CM Studios’ YouTube channels like Being Indian, Blush and pop-cultural platforms like The Vibe. (UNI)