Pankaj Advani treats fans with absolutely meticulous break

Pankaj Advani treats fans with absolutely meticulous break

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Kolkata, Nov 24: It was a great opening day script as Pankaj Advani started his campaign in the All India Open Billiard Tournament being organised by Lucknow Cue Sports Association at The Green Baize, Faizabad Road.

In front of a jam packed hall, Pankaj gave them what they came for.

He first treated his fans with an absolutely meticulous 219 break and even before they were able to digest the treat he gave them another course with even a more pleasurable break of 369.

Even with “crossing the bulk line rule between 80 to 100 points”, both the breaks looked so effortless. It seemed the balls had no choice but to listen to Pankaj.

He finished his 2 hour match with a mammoth total of 1095.

On the other table both Nalin Patel & Nitin Kohli were also entertaining their fans.

Both of them made clean century breaks Nitin - 121 and Nalin – 110.

In the second 2 hour league match fireworks were once again ablaze as on both the table great players were in full form.

On Table 1 it was Dhruv who was in full blast as hit 2 breaks. One of 119 and unfinished break of 133. Though Kankan displayed some masterful potting but in the end Dhruv was just too strong.

Not to be left behind, Alok Kumar on the other table too was fully engaged in showing off his talent as he too hit two century breaks of 148 and119.

Scores:- Pankaj Advani bt Gaurav Nathani 1095-174; Nalin Patel bt Nitin Kohli 451-328; Dhruv Sitwala bt Kankan Shamsi 719-198; Alok Kumar bt Akram Khan 719-259; Rupesh Shah bt Ayush Agarwal 794-191. (UNI)