Nepali climber claims world record for scaling 14 top peaks in 7 months

Nepali climber claims world record for scaling 14 top peaks in 7 months

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Shishapangma, China, Oct 29 : Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja reached the summit of Mount Shishapangma of 8,027 meters at 11:18 on Tuesday, China's Tibet Mountaineering Association confirmed to Xinhua.

The association said Purja is descending from the summit and is expected to be back to the base camp in the evening.

Purja, 36, has later claimed to have renewed the record for reaching the world's 14 highest peaks. The Nepali, according to a post on his social media account, completed climbing all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters in seven months after finishing the final Shishapangma.

"Purja finished climbing Cho Oyu of 8,201 meters in China in September and applied for permission to climb Shishapangma in October," said Pema Tinley, deputy director of Tibet Mountaineering Association, adding that the association supported Purja in logistics, sending two liaison officers, three guides along with two drivers to assist him.

The previous world record for one individual reaching all 14 summits was seven years, 10 months and six days created by the late South Korean climber Kim Chang-ho in 2013. While Kim and Reinhold Messner, the first human being ever accomplishing the feat, both challenged the 14 without using supplemental oxygen, Purja hasn't claimed to climb in an oxygen-free way.

Born in 1983, Purja served in United Kingdom Special Forces for 10 years before initiating the "Possible Project", which was aimed at completing the 14-peaks expedition with a rotating support team in just seven months.

According to Purja's team, he topped Annapurna of 8, 091 meters on April 23, and started a whirlwind in May, during which he summited five mountains above 8,000 meters and July also saw five peaks topped. Before Shishapangma, Purja confirmed he reached the peak of Manaslu of 8,163 meters on September 27.(XINHUA)