Football Delhi to organise league competition for non-league teams

Football Delhi to organise league competition for non-league teams

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 3: Football Delhi has decided to launch a league for non-affiliated teams in the upcoming season to encourage more people to play football.
The decision was taken during an executive committee meeting on September 1 and with the unprecedented league, the state federation hopes to develop an inclusive structure in National Capital Region for the growth and development of the sport in the region.

Speaking about the development, Shaji Prabhakaran, President of Football Delhi said, "With the rising popularity of the sport, we had to come up with a plan that will give these budding talents a platform to perform and encourage them to give wings to their passion," said Shaji Prabhakaran, President of Football Delhi.
''In a first of its kind, the C Division will bring in amateur footballers to show their talent in a league format and they can get the feel of playing in a proper competition. With this, not only are we looking to build a strong and healthy, football-loving nation, but this attempt might even unearth some promising talent who can contribute to Indian football's rise in the future," he added.

A new C Division will be launched for these non-league teams and any interested teams can apply to be a part of it. Winners of C-Division will have the opportunity to qualify for B Division League if the team is able to fulfill the eligibility criteria.
It is expected that 20-22 teams will be a part of C Division and it will boost football development as the teams will be able to play in an official competition.
A detailed regulations covering all aspects of non-league teams participation will be announced by September 15.

The Executive Committee also decided to approve the participation of Delhi Police and CISF Football Teams in B Division League, from this season. This year, 4 teams will also get the opportunity to be promoted to A Division from B Division League whose upcoming season starts from September 27. (UNI)