Brand P.V. Sindhu expects surge in brand endorsements

Brand P.V. Sindhu expects surge in brand endorsements

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New Delhi: By winning world championship, the brand P.V. Sindhu is expected to see a huge upsurge in her brand endorsement fee and value. Experts in sports management believed that Sindhu’s annual brand fee will soar to Rs. 3 crore from the current Rs.1.5crore. Sindhu has currently signed 14 deals worth Rs.40 crore with a wide variety of brands The brands in Sindhu’s kitty include well-known brands like Yonex, JBL, Bridgestone and Gatorage.

Apart from this, the other notable brands are Bank of Baroda and Moov. In February, she had signed a four-year sponsorship deal worth ₹50 crore with Chinese sports brand Li-Ning. Moreover, the 2020 Olympics will also open a big window of opportunity for 24-year-old shuttler. Sindhu figured in the Forbes list in which Sindhu held 13th place in the highest-paid female athletes 2019 list with a total earnings of $5.5 million(Around Rs.39.45 crore).

The earnings includes prize money, salaries, bonuses, endorsements and appearance fees between June 2018 and June 2019. Sindhu enjoys 5 million followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which helps her to make close link with fans.