Kenya women football performance at high level: FIFA

Kenya women football performance at high level: FIFA

Agency News

Nairobi, Aug 28: FIFA Chief of Women's Football Sarai Bareman has met the Football Kenya Federation's Women Development chair in a visit on Tuesday ahead of the second phase of the FIFA pilot project for Women's Football Development. Bareman said there is a great opportunity for Kenyan women's soccer to perform at a high level.

The project was launched after Kenya was selected as the first African nation to pilot FIFA's new women's football development programme, where FIFA is aiming to see 60 million female football players worldwide by 2026.

"We introduced a pilot project to build capacity around women's football and now we are entering into the second phase of registering more female players and also introduce competitions," she said.

The Football Kenya Federation undertook coaching courses and referee training for former and current women footballers late last year as well as a leadership and governance workshop for elected women representatives in January 2019. A girls youth football festival will be held in the next phase later this year. (UNI-Xinhua)