Mongolian wrestling champion fails anti-doping test

Agency News

Ulan Bator, Aug 27 : Mongolian wrestler Enkhtugs Oyunbold, who ascended to the highest rank of Titan in the country's traditional wrestling tournament at this year's Naadam festival, has failed an anti-doping test, the Mongolian government announced on Tuesday.

"After the wrestling tournament at the Naadam festival in July, the National Anti-Doping Center of Mongolia gave doping tests to the top 16 wrestlers in the tournament, of whom two were found to have violated Mongolia's anti-doping regulations," read a government statement, quoting tournament organizers.

The statement added that Oyunbold's urine sample tested positive for four prohibited substances, namely meldonium, stanozolol, chlorothiazide and hydrochlorothiazide.The 26-year-old missed the deadline for the B sample, according to the sub-committee on wrestling tournament. It is unclear what sanctions he will now face. The organizing sub-committee declined to reveal the identity of the other athlete who failed the test as it is waiting for the result of his B sample.

The Naadam Festival, which is on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritages, is an official holiday celebrated every year from July 11 to 15 across Mongolia. The festival includes the country's three traditional sports of horse racing, archery and wrestling. A total of 512 wrestlers competed in this year's wrestling tournament.(XINHUA)