Britain, Hungary and Germany on top of Canoe Sprint World Championships

Britain, Hungary and Germany on top of Canoe Sprint World Championships

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Budapest, Aug 25 : Britain, Hungary and Germany led the Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships in Hungary on the fourth day of the five-day event, according to the official results on Saturday.

So far, Britain is on the top of the medals table, followed by Hungary and Germany. China sits in seventh place.

The first final of the day was the KL2 men's 200m, where Australian Curtis McGrath finished first with a time of 42.35 seconds, 0.45 seconds ahead of silver medalist Federico Mancarella of Italy. Britain's Scott Martlew got the bronze in 43.51 seconds.
The KL1 women's 200m final saw victory for Maryna Mazhula from Ukraine (55.99 seconds). The silver went to Edina Mueller of Germany (56.97) while Katherinne Wollermann of Chile won the bronze in 58.03, after a fierce competition against Chinese rower Xie Maosan, who came fourth in 58.25.

In the third final of KL3 men's 200m, Serhii Yemelianov from Ukraine took the title in 40.03, dominating over his Russian opponent Leonid Krylov (40.56). Brazilian Caio Ribeiro De Carvalho tailed them at 40.70 seconds, which earned him the bronze.
The K1 women's 200m final saw the triumph of Lisa Carrington from New Zealand (39.39 seconds). The silver and bronze medalists looked to be at a dead-heat, but the official chronograph gave 41.33 seconds for Polish rower Marta Walczykiewicz and 41.34 seconds for Emma Aastrand Jorgensen from Denmark.

Liam Heath of Britain won the K1 men's 200m final with 34.86 seconds, shortly ahead of Strahinja Stefanovic of Serbia (35.04) and Carlos Garrote from Spain (35.12).
In the C1 women's 200m final, Nevin Harrison from the USA won the race with a time of 49.30 seconds, she was followed by Russian rower Olesia Romasenko (49.74 seconds) and Alena Nazdrova from Bulgaria (49.99 seconds). Zhang Luqi from China made it to the final and came at the eighth position with a time of 50.65 seconds.
The C2 men's 1,000m final saw a start-to-finish victory for Chinese duo Liu Hao/Wang Hao, with a time of 3:40.55. They were tailed by Cuban athletes Serguey Torres Madrigal/Fernando Dayan Jorge Enriquez (3:41.46), whereas the bronze went to sportsmen Erlon De Souza Silva/Isaquias Queiroz Dos Santos from Brazil (3:44.34).
One of the most anticipated race, the K1 men's 1,000m final saw the victory of Hungarian Balint Kopasz (3:36.07), who beat his Czech opponent Josef Dostal (3:37.31). Portuguese athlete Fernando Pimenta came third (3:37.63).

The K1 women's 1,000m final also saw a Hungarian victory, with Tamara Csipes securing the gold with a time of 4:07.90, followed by Justyna Iskrzycka from Poland (4:09.26). Lizzie Broughton from Britain got the bronze with a time of 4:10.44).
German Sebastian Brendel won the C1 men's 500m with a time of 1:53.59, followed by Bulgarian rower Angel Kodinov (1:54.49) and Oleg Tarnovschi of Moldova (1:54.49).
The K2 men's 500m gold went to Bulgarian duo Stanislau Daineka/Dzmitry Natynchyk with a time of 1:33.13, who beat Spanish rowers Pelayo Roza/Pedro Vazquez Llenin (1:33.48). The bronze went to German rowers Marcus Gross/Martin Hiller with a time of 1:34.50.

The last final on Saturday was the K2 women's 500m final, where the Bulgarian rowers got the gold, thanks to Maryna Litvinchuk/Volha Khudzenka (1:42.55), the silver to Karolin Naja/Anna Pulawska of Poland and the bronze to Spela Ponomarenko Janic/Anja Osterman of Slovenia (1:44.21).

Sunday will be the last day of the event, with longer distances.(XINHUA)