Vishwas Tripathi joins Board of STAIRS Foundation

Vishwas Tripathi joins Board of STAIRS Foundation

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 19: India’s premier not-for-profit organisation in broad-basing of sports at the grassroots—STAIRS (Society for Transformation, Inclusion and Recognition through Sports) Foundation has announced the induction of Vishwas Tripathi, Chairman-UNI Board of Directors, as a member of the Board of STAIRS Foundation on Monday.

Mr Tripathi has contributed immensely in channelizing energy of youth in the constructive and productive direction. His contribution in the sphere of social development will be an asset in to STAIRS. Vishwas Tripathi member, Board of Stairs Foundation, said "Sport plays a vital role in creating good citizens who have self confidence and believe in fair play, not just in a sporting arena, but life in general.

Sports is good for the psychological development, leading a healthy lifestyle, which is essential to do well in all spheres of life. STAIRS Foundation with a focussed approach has helped youth and children hone their talent and exploit their potential. Sports help to groom a better person, a better youth, a better nation. I am excited to join as the member of the Board for STAIRS Foundation. I look forward to working closely with the team and continuing to contribute in my own small way.”UNI