Booing of Steve Smith during 2nd Ashes Test condemned

Booing of Steve Smith during 2nd Ashes Test condemned

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Booing by English fans at batsman Steve Smith after he got hit and felled on ground by a bouncer from England pacer Jofra Archer was getting attracted widespread criticism from cricket fans and officials from Australia.

The latest was a condemnation from Australian Cricketers Association (ACA). "What was unwelcome and incorrect was the sound of the booing of an injured player. Cricket deserves much better than that. And Lords, the home of cricket, deserves much better than that also. What we witnessed was bravery from an outstanding young man. It should be commended not vilified," ACA said in a statement.

"Over the English summer, generally the crowds have been terrific and really added to the contest. But when someone is hurt, yet the boos continue, it`s time to call `enough.` At any rate, the players have already served the toughest penalties in the history of cricket. Surely it is time to move forward," it added.