Jiangsu Xianlin win U-18 women basketball at Youth Games

Jiangsu Xianlin win U-18 women basketball at Youth Games

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Taiyuan, China, Aug 17 : Jiangsu Xianlin defeated Beijing Haidian 68-51 in the Under-18 women's basketball sports schools tournament final at the ongoing 2nd Chinese National Youth Games on Saturday.

Jiangsu Xianlin had beaten Beijing Haidian in the group stage previously in the tournament. Chinese national youth team player Luo Xinyu helped her team push forward in the first quarter, as Jiangsu added a number of unanswered points to give them momentum.

Liu Linwen of Jiangsu grabbed nine points in the first quarter, while Beijing only earned four as a team due to the tight defense by Jiangsu inside the paint.
Luo Xinyu spearheaded Jiangsu's attack in the second period with 13 points, which helped Jiangsu establish a 40-16 advantage before the half time.
Xue Han of Beijing got seven consecutive points in the third quarter, but Luo continued to dominate the game through her fantastic finishes.
Jiangsu left all their key players on the court in the final quarter in spite of a 29-point advantage. Beijing kept chasing and narrowing the gap, but was unable to turn the tables before the final whistle.

"After our group clash, we had looked into the videos of that game. Beijing's players are younger than us and they played well. Our key to victory was a good defence," said Wang Xiaoli, head coach of Jiangsu Xianlin.

Luo Xinyu got 32 points and 11 rebounds in the game. When talking about the Chinese basketball rising star, Wang told Xinhua that Luo had grown during the 2nd Youth Games.

In the third-place game of the tournament, Jiangsu Changzhou beat Wuhan 66-56.
In the Under-18 men's basketball sports schools tournament, Jinan edged Beijing Xicheng 97-95 to claim the title.