Lucknow cyclists for PBP in France

Lucknow cyclists for PBP in France

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Lucknow, Aug 11: Nine cyclists from Lucknow have qualified for the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) , a prestigious international cycling event of the world held once every four years under the guidance of ACP France.

The tournament is the oldest competition and older than Tour The France. Last time it was held in 2015. This event starts from Rambouillet, near Paris, France.

This year nine riders from Lucknow have qualified for this event and they are going to participate in PBP starting from August 18. This is the first time that riders from Lucknow have qualified for this event.

All riders of Lucknow are from a cycling group called 'Pedalyatri'.

On this occasion, all the participants were invited to an event organized by Sports Network India here on Sunday

This PBP is a self supported ride, a total of 1,225 km has to be ridden in a certain time frame category. There are three different time categories: 80 hours; 84 hours and 90 hours.

Each edition of the event is attended by 6,000 participants from about 200 countries.

The participants are: Rajesh Kumar Verma (84 hours), Dhairya Ahuja (84hr), Vaibhav Rastogi (90 hr),Yeshesh Vyas (90 hr), Rakesh Kr Pawan (90 hr), Vivek Ranjan (90 hr), Prabhat Ranjan (90 hr), Amrita Ranjan (90 hr), Abhinav Kr Singh (90 hr). (UNI)