Rohit, Yuvraj and Gambhir slam Super Over rule during ICC World Cup Finals

Rohit, Yuvraj and Gambhir slam Super Over rule during ICC World Cup Finals

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London, Jul 15: Former India players Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Mohammad kaif and vice-captain of team India, Rohit Sharma have expressed their anguish on their twitter handle slamming the Super Over rule that took place during the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup between England and New Zealand on Sunday.

The World Cup finals here at Lord's ended as a tie and first time in ODI cricket Super Over was brought in to decide new world champions. But the match took another dramatic turn when Super Over also ended as a tie and England lifted the World Cup hitting more boundaries compared to New Zealand.

According to the ICC rules, "In the event of a Super Over tie, the team that hit more boundaries (combined from both the main match and the Super Over) shall be the winner. If the number of boundaries hit by both teams are equal, the team that hit more boundaries during its innings in the main match shall be the winner. If it is still equal, then the number of scoring deliveries in the Super Over will be taken into account to decide the winner."

England smashed 26 boundaries (6 sixes, 4 fours) while New Zealand 17 in Sunday's final clash.

Rohit Sharma tweeted "Some rules in cricket definitely need a serious look in."
"I don’t agree with that rule ! But rules are rules congratulations to England on finally winning the World Cup , my heart goes out for the kiwis they fought till the end. Great game an epic final," Yuvraj tweeted.

"Difficult to digest this more boundary rule. Something like sudden death- continuous super overs till a result is a better solution. Understand, wanting a definite winner but sharing a trophy is better than deciding on more boundaries. Very tough on New Zealand," kaif wrote on his twitter handle.

Meanwhile, questions are being asked whether England should have been awarded 5 instead of 6 runs for an overthrow in the final over of their 242-run chase.

England were awarded 6 runs and the equation came down to 3 runs from 2 balls after an overthrow went to the boundary following a deflection from batsman Ben Stokes' bat. (UNI)